Loan & Go


Camping is great but you don't need to own a tent to get out there.

Using OLPRO's brand new Loan & Go system you can now have a tent, or a campervan awning, only when you need one - meaning you don't have to store one at home or look after it between trips, and you can always have the right tent for each trip.

It also means you have the latest model every time.

So, whether it be a quick hike through the mountains this weekend or two weeks away abroad, we make everything easy for you.

It's a very simple process but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via or you can call us on 01299 896959 weekdays 9am-5pm.



Currently, Our Loan & Go service is currently only available to people living in the UK.

To begin visit our Loan & Go collection :

Here we list all of the available tents and campervan awnings.

With tents you can choose from our 2 berth hiking tents, our pop up festival tent, or larger family tents with poled or inflatable options.

For Campervan awnings we've got a wide selection in different colours to match your van.

On each of the products is a good description with images, floor plans and videos to help you choose.



Once you're sure of the right tent or awning select how long you want to borrow the product for.  You have a choice of 3 days or 7 days.  If you need it for longer please contact us and we can tell you how to book for longer.  It's possible to book for as long as you need.

Once you've chosen a duration select the start date of your hire.

So, if you're going away on Friday 7th, for the weekend, choose 3 days and Friday 7th.  This will give you the tent for the 7th, 8th and 9th.

If you're going away for a week then choose the first day of your holiday and 7 days.

If your loan is more than 5 days away from the date you make the booking we will get the product to you 2 days before your holiday starts, so in the case above you'll have your tent on Wednesday 5th.  It will leave us on the 4th and be with you on the 5th.  This gives you two days to put up the tent, check it and ask us any questions before you go away.  We will have already pre-checked the tent but it's always important to check it yourself before you go away so we can help with any questions quickly.

If your loan is less than 5 days away it may be that you don't get your product until the day before you go away.  Please note you need to allow up to 2 days for delivery from us, so if it's a Wednesday and you want your loan to start the following Friday it may not be possible - please contact us first.  We always want to help but it's always best to set up your loan in good time so we can get the product to you within plenty of time as we've set out above.

Once you've chosen your tent and the start date you will go through the usual shopping cart experience and be asked to pay. Once you've paid you'll receive a confirmation of payment and also a loan validation email. 

This is very important.

Once you've received this email please follow the instructions on it.  It will require you to validate your identity using a passport or drivers licence and a photograph of yourself.  This is for insurance purposes and won't be used for anything else.  It means we're all covered if something goes wrong.

Please carry out this step straight away as we can't send the tent or awning until it's been done.

Once we are in sight of your start date we will send it to you, aiming to be there two days before the start of your loan start date.  You will receive the tent or awning you loaned, a returns bag and label and a copy of these instructions.

Once you have your tent or campervan awning, go and have a great time.

Towards the end of your break you will receive an email giving you options to either extend the period or buy the product, quoting you a price for the very tent or awning you're using which means you just get to keep it.

If you don't want to extend or purchase once you're home simply bag up the awning or tent in the bag provided - apply the label we sent you (this is very important) - and take it to your nearest post office.

In order to give you time to do this we'd expect you to have posted it back to us within two days of your loan period.  So, if you return from your break on the evening of Sunday 7th, don't stress on the 8th but make sure you've got it to the Post Office by the end of the working day on the 9th.

From this point we can track the tent back to us and it should be back with us no longer than two days later.  This means we can then close off the loan as completed.

Obviously, it's great if you can clean and dry the tent or awning before sending it back, but given this time we know that may not always be possible so please don't worry if you can't as everything is cleaned once it's returned to us.



What can I borrow?

Tents and campervan awnings are available on our Loan & Go Page.  Simply select one of them, or if you're going with friends you can loan more than one product.

What should I borrow?

If you're not sure what's right for you - please contact us and we can advise.  

How long can I borrow for?

You can loan any product for any length of time as long as it's in 3 or 7 day blocks. You can borrow any product as long as you need ... as long as it's covered in what you've paid to borrow for.

If you need to borrow for 4 days please select 7 days.

Can I extend my loan?

You can. You will receive an email during your loan asking if you'd like to borrow for longer.

How soon before I go away will I receive the product?

If you order in good time you'll have the tent or awning 2 days before you go away.  This is down to couriers and could be affected by things beyond our control but we'll endeavour to get the tent or awning to you 2 days before you go away.

Should I test the product before I go away?

Always.  We will have checked it for you but we want you to be sure of it and of how it works.  We want to be there to help when we can.

Does it cost me to return the item?

The cost of returning the product is included in the price so it costs you nothing extra.  The price also includes the cost of us sending the tent to you - so you have nothing more to pay.

Am I able to buy the product after loaning it?

Once you've borrowed the tent or campervan awning you will receive an email offering you a price to keep the tent or campervan awning, so you can try before you buy.

What happens if I damage the product?

Let us know.  You and I are covered by insurance so you don't need to worry - but it's easier for us if you let us know on returning the product.  Simply send us an email explaining what's happened.

Where is my product - it hasn't arrived on time?

Book in plenty of time and we'll endeavour to get the product to you 2 days before you go away.  If it is 2 days before you go away and you haven't received it then please call or message us straight away and we will look into it for you.

I'm no longer able to return the product on time.

Let us know.  Message us or call us and we can help. We're here to help.

Are delivery costs included?

Yes they are.

I can't get to a post office - how can I get the tent back to you?

If you call us or message us we can always arrange to collect from you but you must let us know.

Where can you deliver to?

We can deliver to any UK address.  Please enter the delivery address on check out.

Can you deliver direct to my campsite?

It's very likely.  Firstly check with your campsite that they are okay with receiving the delivery as they will have to sign for it. If they are, then enter that address as your delivery address.  You will have to take the tent from the campsite afterwards to return it to a post office.

What if there is nothing I want to borrow?

Contact us. If you can't find the right thing then please contact us or call us and we'll help however we can.